Major polish update

Major polish update from the jam version. I've been working on this for about a week now.

 Heres what i added:

  • ScReEnShAkE - lots and lots of screenshake
  • improved sounds - most noteably the hover sound in the main menu and bonus sound
  • changed icon - changed it from the default lightning icon
  • added particles when the player collides with something
  • added splatters when enemies die
  • improved GUI - more distinguishable health and score 
  • floating heart - added a heart icon that floats from the enemy to the health counter
  • smoke trail behind the player - added a trail of smoke when you move
  • squash and stretch when you move - subtle but you strech while you're moving
  • changed the players face - also really subtle but gave him a more intense look
  • added a game over screen when you die
  • made levels change every 12,5 seconds - the game got really boring after a while in the original version and you had to die to go to the next stage

What i plan to add in the future:

  • proper animations for the enemies - there are some animations now but they're really hard to notice
  • collectibles/boosters - randomly spawning bonuses/collectibles to encourage the player to move around the arena
  • achievements - something to motivate the player to keep playing
  • streaks - killstreaks when you kill more enemies at once


bulletboy-1_1.exe 2 MB
Jan 07, 2019

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